Hi, my name is Victoria and i’d like to introduce my Blog! My interests cover a large variety of subjects from Human Rights, Peace and Justice, Humanitarian Aid, United Nations Work to different types of music as well as movies and films.

I’m writing not only about my interests but also about situations that i’m passionate about.

Please leave your comments.

Victoria, London UK


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  1. Reka says:

    Having a look on that blog, I’ve just realized, that how many bad fact are happening around us, which most of the time remains invisible in the eyes of the average people. We would think, the life is pleasant, without any problem, however there are so much violence, wars, suffering which could be seen only if we take a step to look around. Fortunately there are some who does care, and try to give any help, or work against whose are on the opposite side.
    In my opinion, that blog is well constructed, with so many important information, which could show you the way how humanitarians act, what are their main responsabilities and so on.
    Also I did enjoy some of the videos from this page, which sometimes could be informative, also entertaining, concentrating on different kind of humanitarian work, and so many different kind of people and nations from all over the world.
    The outlook of the page shows us the main ideea, so it is well planned, however I would do some changes at colouring and some rubbing out of the marks inside the “believe me” worlds (it could be done by photoshop).
    Otherwise this blog is fantastic, also very well managed and organized, so I like it and I think I am going to be a recent visitor!
    Well done dear creator!

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